How many years will carpet flooring last?

How many years will carpet flooring last?

Carpeting has been known to last 20 years. We know someone who didn't need to replace the carpet until it reached the 23-year point, even with a dog.

However, she took care of it with regular vacuuming and professional cleaning. She also didn't let people walk on it with dirty, muddy shoes.

Buy for quality, not price

We know price is important, but a high-quality rug will look great and perform well for a long time, such as 23 years.

Buy the best your wallet will allow. Don't skimp on necessities like padding, either. Be sure to ask the experts in the carpet store about the right one for your rug.

Make sure it’s aligned with your needs

Everyone can have carpets today. As a result, mills are creating extra durability and stain resistance. In addition, there are pet-friendly versions, such as Mohawk Industries' SmartStrand line.

Consider everything. A large family with kids and pets will have different needs than the one-or-two person home. Busy rooms also have additional requirements than low-traffic areas.

Know the importance of fiber

Fiber is the foundation of a soft surface floor covering, and they address every need on the planet. So there's no need to deprive yourself of these beauties!

The most popular fibers include wool, nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. Understand the benefits of each to help you select the right one.

Color: more important than you think

There's a reason for the joke about Halloween witches having black cats. If you have a pet who sheds, don't choose a color that will highlight it! Some colors also hide dirt and stains better.

Your area’s carpet flooring experts

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